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The following is an outline of the steps the commission process usually takes.


The first step is the client contact. We can be contacted either by phone at
(913) 710-6335 or by email at info@stainedglasskc.com. In the initial conversation, we try to get an idea of what style of pattern the client is interested in. We also determine whether they want the panel installed or hung, either framed or unframed. The final part of the first step is to set up an appointment to meet with the client, either at their location or at our studio, to choose a pattern, and take measurements if necessary.


The next step is the first meeting with the client. At this time, we show the client a selection of pattern books as well as our portfolio. Once the client has selected a pattern, we discuss any changes they want to make it unique to them. We also take exact measurements. With the pattern selected and exact measurements, we can give an estimate for the finished piece. This estimate will include an allowance for any extra cost items, such as bevels, framing, and installation. If the client is ready to proceed, we ask for a $50.00 non-refundable design deposit that will be applied to the final cost.


The third step includes the designing and drawing up of a full size pattern. When the pattern is completed, we meet with the clients again, preferably at our studio, to get approval of the final pattern and select the glass to be used. Once the glass is selected, we finalize the price and set a deadline for the completion of the project. At that time, we do ask for a 50% down payment. We order any components that need to be ordered and build the project.


The final step of the process is the delivery of the finished project. If the client wishes to install or hang the project themselves, we can deliver the piece to them or they can pick it up at our studio. If they would like us to install or hang the project we charge a $50.00 installation fee. The balance of the price is due upon delivery or installation.